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     1900 EST / 1800 CST
Founded Jan. 1, 1977 by AA4US
Re-Founded Jan. 1, 2009 by KU0G
The Original Worked All States and Awards Net

Created by PA4RM

Welcome to NATA!

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We're glad you have checked us out! What you have discovered is the North American Traffic and Awards net. This net originated in 1977 as an extension of the Bicentennial WAS net started by AA4US. When the Bicentennial year was over there was a desire on the part of the participants to keep the net going to help others work toward WAS. NATA ceased operations in the mid-1980's and was brought back in 2009 to serve amateurs everywhere in North America and the surrounding countries!

We are here for YOU!

You will find NO politics here.  Everyone is a willing volunteer. We are NOT a club and have NO desire to become one! You WILL find our net approach will maximize the contacts YOU make each night. No waiting around for 2 or 3 hours and only logging 1 or 2 contacts.

There are no rigid rules here. We go with the flow! NCS has complete discretion on how each session is run and will adapt to the circumstances, special stations, newcomers, etc. as they present themselves. There are no memberships and, best of all, our awards are FREE! (subject to using our online application and retrieval system, $3.00 charge otherwise to cover postage and printing costs only).

You will find our net schedule by clicking on the SCHEDULE tab at the top of the every page on the website. We encourage you to check out our schedule and check in with us!


The best way to find out who's on the net and to log your contacts is to use Netlogger.The Link is in the menu selecions above you should see NETLOGGER APPLICATION, just click to select that.  and download the latest edition for your o/s.  once downloaded and installed, click view nets, and choose from the live nets online, Nata 40m sure to click the AIM Window menu at the top.   you can size it with edge mouse controls.

Checking in

Checking in to our nets is done by choosing one of these two methods:

  1. Live on-the-air
  2. Via Netlogger Aim/Chat anytime

No QSL cards are required for our awards. . We DO expect participants to QSL using one of the following methods: ARRL Logbook of the World (preferred!), eQSL, or paper QSL cards.

If you do wish to exchange hard cards, we will offer a QSL Bureau (coming son) and you will be able to  purchase envelopes on postage directly through the website

Want a quick, easy award? Try our DIRTY DOZEN AWARD! Work 13 states in 13 days on our nets and you've earned it! You need only complete the online application form and submit a log worksheet for the award application you are submitting  (See AWARDS section menu at top)

We rarely handle written message traffic but it would be handled first on every net. After that we go down the list and offer each participant the opportunity to work at least one or often two calls during the net.. If there is time, after that is completed we go back and ask the net for stations that would like to make additional contacts or last calls, cometimes we run a lightning round.. Net Control will vary from this as circumstances warrant. Just check in and hang on for a fun ride!!! We make it a practice to run our check-in list for DX or special event stations and encourage everyone to make contact with all new station(s) that check in to give them an opportunity to log a bunch of contacts plus give them an opportunity to see how things work on the nets without having the extra pressure of having to figure out who to call!

Again, welcome to the NATA nets and we look forward to logging you soon! We're here for YOU! Please count on us to make you feel welcome at all times. Don't be afraid to ask questions. We want you to have fun and keep coming back!!!  ( select next article ----Schedule of Controllers )