NATA – 15 Years and Going Strong!!

The North American Traffic and Awards net originated in 1977 as a continuation of the Bicentennial WAS net started by AA4US. When the Bicentennial year was over there was a desire on the part of the participants to keep the net going and NATA was born. NATA ceased operations in the late-1980’s and was brought back Jan. 1, 2009 to serve amateurs everywhere in North America and the surrounding countries!

Each year we celebrate our anniversary by holding special nets on New Years Day. 2024 is one of those “milestone” anniversaries and we intend to celebrate that all year long! Watch for special event and award announcements throughout 2024!

We are here for YOU!

NATA is not a “club net,” founded on the principal of keeping club politics out. There are no memberships and, therefore, no member numbers. You will find that our net approach will maximize the number of contacts you make each night – no waiting around for 2-3 hours just to log one or two contacts. We have no rigid rules, we go with the flow. NCS has complete discretion on how their net is run – adapting as circumstances arise (i.e. special event stations, newcomers, etc.). Our awards are FREE ($3 if you request a paper award to cover postage). No QSL cards required, but we encourage you to QSL online (LOTW, eQSL, QRZ.COM) or hard cards.

Want a quick, easy award? Try our DIRTY DOZEN AWARD! Work 13 states in 13 days on our nets and you’ve got it! You need only complete the online application form and submit a log worksheet for the award.

Check in and hang on for a fun ride!!!


Our free awards give you something fun and challenging to shoot for to enhance your net experience.

How-to guide

Our nets are warm and welcoming. No experience necessary – we’ll help you along. Want to know more about what to expect before you check in? Click below!