NATA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the North American Traffic and Awards Net consists of persons who have a long history with the net, in most cases since it’s founding. The board oversees the overall operation of the net, provides oversight and supervision of appointed net positions, and provides guidance in the form of policy, standard practices, recommended procedures, and approves requests for special activities, special callsigns, and so forth. Membership is by appointment by the current board members. When a board seat opens, the board solicits nominations and recommendations from the general net participants.

Consisting of seven (7) members, board seats are considered permanent appointments and are declared vacant upon a member’s resignation, death, or other circumstances which make it impossible/impractical for the member to continue to serve.


Jim Duncan, KU0G – Chair/Net Founder
Jasmine Shedd, AA2AN – Founding Member
Joe Wussler, WA0O – Director, appointed Nov. 2020
David Westphalen, N4DLT – Director, appointed Feb. 2022
Vivian Kitson-Wentworth, W6NWF – Director, appointed May 2022
Jeremy Vickerd, KD2DMR – Director, appointed March 2023
Paul Fink, W1PEF – Director, appointed April 2023

Past Directors

John Dziadus, KC9LGW – Founding Member
Ted Hadfield, KU8F – Director
Amanda Alden, K1DDN – Vice Chair/Recording Secretary/Publicity
Jeff Alden, K0JSC – Founding Member

Board Meetings

Board of Director meetings are called as the need arises for the board to consider various events, actions, and special needs of the net. In general, however, the board meets every two months. General board meetings are open to any person to observe. Items for agenda and consideration, requests to address the board, and so forth must be submitted to the Recording Secretary in order to be placed on the meeting agenda. Persons addressing the board are limited to a total of 10 minutes in order to be heard and for any questions/comments the boards members may have. The board accepts suggestions, ideas, recommendations via email as well. All communications to the board are shared immediately upon receipt with all board members.

As a matter of policy, the board does not respond or comment on day-to-day net operations preferring to allow the individual net controller to maintain their integrity to run their net as they deem appropriate.

The board realizes, however, that sometimes disputes may arise that may require it’s intervention. As the governing body for the net, the board reserves the right to take any action necessary to ensure that the net follows the founding principals of the net and to ensure the integrity, reputation, and privacy of both the members of the board and any other person.

The board reserves the right to enter into executive session to discuss sensitive issues. Any vote arising out of executive session will be made public within 72 hours.

The board wishes to emphasize that the net was founded on the principal of being absent of club politics and, while disputes may arise, the ultimate goal of the board is to ensure that the net remains true to it’s founding principals and goals.