Rumors are just rumors…

The North American Traffic and Awards Net is still very much alive and active. The board of directors has NOT dissolved and is very much still doing it’s job.

That being said, the Board of Directors recently declined to take up a proposal presented to it with regard to merging with another competing net.

The Board of Directors also condemns the recent hurtful actions by some net participants which caused our long-standing NATA supporters K0JSC and K1DDN to resign as net control operators. The Aldens have been with NATA since the first day of operations in 2009. They have been loyal and steadfast supporters of the net and have never waivered from that dedication to the net. They did not deserve the disrespectful way they were treated.

NATA was founded on the principals of good friends and good fun, not to be a place where people bash each other, criticize, bully, humiliate or make cruel and hateful comments to or about others either on the air or in the net chat channel. Those who mistakenly believe that this is acceptable behavior are strongly encouraged to find another sandbox in which to play.

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