Join us nightly on our primary net: 7.185 MHz at 6 pm Eastern Time, Pre-Net check-ins up to one hour in advance of net time. Net participants are encouraged to meet on 7.185 to secure and hold the frequency daily.

Daylight Savings Time months schedule:

Early Check-ins on air and Net Logger 2200z.  Net runs 2230 – 0030 UTC 

Standard Time months schedule:

Early Check-ins on air and Net Logger 2300z. Net runs 2315 – 0100 UTC 

Watch here for additional nets, special events, and other fun on-air activities.

Net Control Schedule

Monday:  40m – W1PEF, Paul, NH

Tuesday: 40m – KC1YL, Lisa, FL

Wednesday: 40m – KI5PLT, Jay, ND

Thursday:  40m – KI4YTV, Ed, AL

Friday: 40m – KC0CC, Joe, MO

Saturday: 40m –  KZ9SEL, Scott, TN

Sunday:  40m – K0JSC & K1DDN, Jeff & Amanda, CO + KU0G, Jim assisting