All Our Awards are FREE!*

* unless recipient requests a hard copy mailed to them.

Our goal is to issue awards to applicants within 24-48 hours after the application/log is received. At present awards are being issued by the board of directors while we continue to seek a willing volunteer to serve as Awards Coordinator. Please email your log to Include the specific awards for which you are applying as the subject line of the email. Awards are delivered electronically as PDF documents. Click on each BOLD HEADING below each award image for requirements and to download log sheets.

DIRTY DOZEN AWARD – Earn this award by submitting a log of contacts including callsign, date/time of contact, frequency, and both signal reports. The award requires 13 contacts in 13 different states within a 13 day operating period. (Dirty Triple Dozen, same as above but multiply requirements by a factor of 3).
NATA WORKED ALL STATES – Requires contact with all 50 U.S. states. Due to net operations times, contacts with Alaska and Hawaii may be logged outside of a schedule net but must be on the same band (40m or 80m). Submit log document including callsign, state, signal reports (both ways), date/time of contact. All contacts must be made from the same station location.
NATA WORKED ALL NORTH AMERICA (WANA) – Required contacts with stations in the U.S., Canada, and countries/territories geographically identified as part of the North American Continent.

NATA FIELD OF DREAMS – A baseball-themed award with specific contact requirements.

OTHER AWARDS COMING SHORTLY!!! We are reviewing our earlier NATA specific awards and will be re-opening those for application in the near future!