Net Control Stations

Our current list of approved NCS stations includes the following operators:

  • WA0O, Joe (MO) – Net Control Manager
  • KU0G, Jim (MO)
  • K0JSC, Jeff (CO)
  • K1DDN, Amanda (CO)
  • W1PEF, Paul (NH)
  • KC1YL, Lisa (FL)
  • KD2DMR, Jeremy (IL) – NCS Training Director
  • WB3CGH, Mike (MI)
  • KK4PQU, Willard (KY)
  • KC5AAV, Chris (KY)
  • KI5PLT, Jay (ND)
  • N5DIZ, Fran (IL)
  • W6NWF, Viv (CA)
  • N6VF, Bandit (OH)
  • KE8GC, Greg (MI)
  • KU8F, Ted (MI)
  • KU8RLY, Curly (OH)
  • W8SGB, Stephen (OH)
  • KC9LGW, John (IL)
  • KC9ZIM, Dave (IN)
  • KZ9SEL, Scott (TN)

Net Control Operators may download the NATA Profile for Net Logger from this link:

Net Control Operators may download the NATA Net Preamble from this link:

Net participants who are interested in becoming a NATA NCS operator should contact either WA0O or KD2DMR for further information and training. Contact info available on!