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The board IS working on the awards situation. Our awards manager basically dropped off the face of the earth and we have been asking for a volunteer to take on the job. Our awards page on the website is undergoing a facelift as is the awards program. The board would like everyone to know that 1) one back online, ALL awards applications will be copied to a board member to ensure that they don’t get lost in the ether and 2) our goal is that all awards applications will be processed in near-real time and an award issued within 24-48 hours of the application being received. With respect to your comments about the rude behavior of an NCS operator, this isn’t something the board finds acceptable in ANY circumstance. We have already taken the necessary steps to ensure that THIS will not be a problem again. Dan, thank you for your feedback. We appreciate all feedback, positive or otherwise! We hope that you will continue to participate and let us work through these issues to everyone’s benefit! Again, thanks!!!

We’ve ALWAYS had awards. The problem has been an awards manager who has been MIA. The board reached out to him, was assured he was still interested in the gig but then didn’t follow through. At this time, pending seeking and vetting potential volunteers, all awards are being issued by Jim, KU0G. We have also just announced a series of 13th anniversary awards through the email list on With regard to your comments regarding KD2DMR… We apologize for your being made to feel uncomfortable or offended. We assure you that this is NOT what we expect of our NCS operators. Jeremy is no longer an NCS for NATA Nets. We hope that you will accept our apologies and join us on the air again soon!

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