Being a Net Control Station

Do you enjoy helping others on the air? Do you have a station with a consistently strong signal on the air? Do you have good antennas and an amplifier? Do you have reliable internet access in your shack?

If you can answer yes to any of those questions then you’re a good candidate to be a net control operator for NATA!

We are always looking for people with a willingness to help out as NCS on either a regular basis or as a back-up NCS. Once you’ve been participating on NATA for a while and have a good feel for how our nets run you may want to explore trying your net control shoes on.

Unlike other nets, NATA has not formal “training” program, no test to take, or special rules that you must follow. Our net controls have complete freedom to run their net in the best way possible, making adjustments on the fly as special stations check in or as conditions warrant. All we ask is that you follow through with your scheduled nets and let the other net controllers know when you’re not able to do that by posting a message on the NATA NCS Email group as much ahead of time as possible.

So, READY TO TRY IT? Please contact Joe, KC0CC, ( for more information and assistance getting started! We’ll be glad to have you join the ranks of NATA net control operators!